Taipei Gent's Hockey Club

Taiwan's most gentlemanly organization for the distinguished hockey player

News and Upcoming Events

Bocce Tourney
Daan Park | October 1st
Teams of 2 (randomly drawn), limited to 24 players. Cost is NT$250 per player. Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

Adult beverages available for NT$50; dinner at Coda afterwards for those interested at your own expense. This is a family event.
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Past Events

Land of Smiles 2015, BKK
Bangkok, Thailand | October 27th - 31st
Annual Thailand visit for Jog Sports' Land of Smiles Ice Hockey Classic!
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The Gents are going to India
Ladakh, India | TBD
Ice hockey tournament in Ladakh, India. Details to come!

Photograph: Bob Witlox

Our Mission

To provide consistent recreational ice hockey in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Taipei Gentlemen's Hockey Club is a group of adult hockey players in Taipei, Taiwan. It was started in 2011 by Andrew Lunman and Josh Smith. The “Gents” play fun, pickup-based ice hockey every Tuesday and Thursday night in Taipei. They also take teams to international ice hockey tournaments as well as organize various social events throughout the year. New players are always welcome.

Members and Executives

Josh Smith
Dave Merrifield
Vice President
Stas Kutsel
Joe Hodgson
Events Coordinator
Stas Kutsel
Thursday Sub-Tsar
Dave Austin
Saturday Sub-Master

Ryan Lang
Master of Pucks
Dylan Reader
Master Bag Man
  • Andrew Lunman
  • Duncan Cameron
  • Clay Laughren
  • Stas Kutsel
  • Mal Turner
  • Paul Bray
  • Trevor Z.
  • Michael Beedie
  • Julian Albrecht
  • Mark Swaine
  • Dave Austin
  • Joe Hodgson
  • Andrew Tingley
  • Brandon Carter
  • Chris De La Rocha
  • Mike Jensen
  • Alex Sjöstedt
  • Will Kao
  • Josh Smith
  • Andrew Lunman
  • Dave Merrifield
  • Michael Beedie
  • Duncan Cameron
  • Dave Austin
  • Salty
  • Stas Kutsel
  • Mal Turner
  • Gorilla
  • Joe Hodgson
  • Cullen Revel
  • Steve Clark
  • Adrian Nolin
  • Bob Ford
  • Dylan the Villain
  • Ryan Lang
  • Hank Tseng
  • Kyle Webb
  • Charlie Yang
  • Brandon DuBreuil
  • Alex Whalen
  • Luca D'Arsie
  • Andrew Tingley
  • Brandon Carter
  • Mike Jensen
  • Alex Sjöstedt
  • Will Kao
  • Chris De La Rocha


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Taipei Arena
Polar Bear

TGHC Membership Tenets

- Must be at least eighteen (18) years old
- Priority will be given to players with no other place to play ice hockey
- Tuesday ice hockey: maximum of 16 players
- Thursday ice hockey: maximum of 24 players
- Lots of ice time on an equal ice time basis
- No long shifts
- Gentlemanly play
- Open finances, non-profit
- Cancellation by SMS/chat to sub-master one day before (response required)
- Failure to follow the above procedure will result in a strike - Three strikes may result in you losing your spot
- Strikes are NT$500 which must be paid before the next time you play
- Seventy-five percent (3/4) attendance required for members
- All members must pay a one-time non-refundable membership fee of NT$1000
- All current members that have already paid are exempt